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SEO agency in Johannesburg

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But first, what exactly is SEO and why is it so important?

We can break this down into 3 sections:

Quality of traffic: You could have thousands of people coming to your website, but if Google is sending them to your website for the wrong search terms, that is not quality traffic and your bounce rate is going to skyrocket.

Quantity of traffic: When you have the right people clicking on the result in Google then you will start to get the best traffic.

Organic traffic: This is the best way to grow your business – with people who are actively searching for the services that your business delivers. Organic traffic comes from search engines such as Google where you are not paying for that traffic.

Would you like some insider knowledge and super helpful tips on how to sort out your website’s SEO? Read on…

In order to grow your online presence you need to do these things:


  • Ensure your website loads quickly
  • Ensure your on-page SEO is working well. This includes adding Alt image tags, Title tag, your URL, Page Title, the actual page content, descriptions etc.
  • Technical – submit your website to all the various search engines. Verify website with Google and Bing.
  • Here’s the tricky one: find your seed keywords. This is the most important step with SEO and is a whole section on its own. It involves researching and thinking about what your company is about and what does it offer?
  • Get backlinks from high ranking websites. Submit your website to various local and international directories and partner with other websites to build up a network of websites that link to yours.
  • Ensure you have well thought through internal links in your content and articles.



  • Set up Google my business and ensure it is optimised with maps.
  • Become more social. Get your content on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. Ideally you want to be posting up to 5 times a day on social media.
  • If you have an eComm website, include copy on each shopping category page to introduce your products and allow Google to rank this easily.
  • Talking about eComm websites, be sure to include your product’s keywords into the description of each product – roughly 300 words per product.
  • NB: You don’t want to rank for a few keywords, you want to rank for thousands. Find your related keywords to your seed keyword and include those in your content too. Here’s an example below where your seed keyword could be ‘ladies suit’ – have a look at all the related keywords that you can rank for too.

Google SERP result example on ladies suits

Would you like some insider knowledge and super helpful tips on how to sort out your website’s SEO? Read on…