Search Engine Optimisation – SEO packages – and why is matters


Are you not seeing much traffic to your website? Got a new website and need to make your site “search engine friendly”?

Squiggle has a team of highly experienced SEO experts who have been doing SEO since 2005 and have become the top SEO specialists in South Africa. Their passion is to help companies to grow their organic traffic by tapping into the best audience you can get – people actively searching for your product.


An investment with any of our SEO packages will help you to rank in Google and other major search engines. You can spend thousands each month by creating new adverts, then running them on YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube videos, paid Google AdWords and countless other ways – and that’s only mentioning a few online avenues. Never mind that these people are not wanting to see your advert – they want to see their friends and to be entertained.


With SEO, you tap into people actively searching for a solution to their problem. With the right keyword selection and our SEO packages, we can help you to be found with organic web searches and placed in front of this ready-to-buy audience.


If you need help choosing any of our packages, hit the chat button at the bottom of your browser.