Ranks Recovery SEO plan


Have you lost most of your ranks during the recent google updates? Do not worry, we will fix them for you with our Ranks Recovery SEO plan.


Ranks Recovery SEO plan helps you to get your website ranking where it was if it has dropped due to algorithm changes. This plan has all the knowledge and SEO science. We will research all the problems of your website by doing the following activities:

  • Measure your ranks drops and analyse all given data
  • Analyze which competitors have been also been affected by the Google updates and see what kind of measures they took to solve the problem.
  • Analyze competition that has not been affected at all by these updates. And see which websites have actually climbed during the process.
  • Perform Backlinks Clean up. Disavow all domains that have low SEO metrics and high spam score
  • Perform on-page SEO and update your meta details, h1, alt images, add SEO content. This part will require extra attention as the latest google updates clearly penalised website that have poor content and/or content related issues.
  • Identify the problem pages that got penalised and Write 4 SEO articles, implement and optimise it properly based on latest google requirements
  • Quality Off-page SEO work to hasten the recovery and increase the SEO metrics


What we’ll need:

  • website admin area access, or hosting access, if your website is html based
  • keywords that got penalised
  • any other information that can help the recovery process

We will require 1 month to perform all tasks and fix the ranks

Full reports provided